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We offer certified weatherization, insultation, insulation removal, and home testing in Cordova, TN and surrounding areas. We strive to improve the indoor air-quality of your home.


The government will pay you to make your home more energy efficient!

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As participants in TVA's Quality Contractor Network, the upgrades we do to your home may be eligible for rebates. That is not a typo. Lower your energy bills (10% - 50% savings), improve indoor air quality, and make your home comfortable with multiple FREE TVA rebates!

About Save energy solutions

Addressing and Mitigating Health Risks since 2007.

At Save Energy Solutions, we are dedicated to enhancing the indoor air quality of your residence by meticulously removing old and contaminated insulation harboring harmful substances, mold, pests, and rat feces. These contaminants can significantly contribute to severe health issues, and our mission is to address and mitigate these risks to ensure a healthier and safer living environment for you and your family.

16 Years of Experience

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The Importance of Insulation Evacuation and Replacing Dirty Insulation

What's Hiding in your Insulation?

Dirty insulation can lead to a range of issues in your home, from reduced energy efficiency to poor indoor air quality. By removing old, contaminated insulation and replacing it with clean, efficient materials, you can enhance your home's insulation performance, reduce energy bills, and create a healthier environment for your family.

At Save Energy Solutions, we have heavy duty commercial vaccuum equipment that will remove loose or batt insulation and small animals, one at a time.

Don't let dirty insulation compromise your comfort and energy savings; invest in insulation evacuation and replacement to enjoy the benefits of a well-insulated home.

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Insulation Removal

Removing old insulation is a crucial step towards enhancing your home’s energy efficiency and indoor air quality. At Save Energy Solutions, we specialize in identifying and removing outdated or damaged insulation that may be harboring mold, pests, and allergens, which can compromise your health.

Air Sealing

Air sealing effectively mitigates the stack effect, a phenomenon caused by temperature differences leading to air movement in and out of a building. By sealing gaps and cracks in the structure, air sealing reduces the pressure difference between the building’s interior and exterior, minimizing the influx of cold air at lower levels and the escape of warm air at higher levels. This results in a more consistent indoor temperature, reduced workload on HVAC systems, enhanced energy efficiency, and improved indoor air quality by preventing the entry of outdoor pollutants and drafts, thereby contributing to a more comfortable living environment.

Duct Repair

Save 15 % - 30% on your utility bill! Our home air sealing services are designed to create a more comfortable home, reduce allergens and odors, and lower your utility bill. Did you know duct leakage is the number one cause of energy waste in homes? 

Home Efficiency Testing

Improving the indoor air quality in your home or business is a major concern. Our professionals clean air ducts and replace worn our filters. They also offer annual maintenance inspections and testing to ensure your systems are functioning properly and will last for many more years to come.

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Reap The Benefits of Clean Air

At Save Energy Solutions, we're a certified home performance company based in Cordova, TN. We pride ourselves on offering unparalleled services that not only keep you comfortable but also ensure you're breathing the cleanest air possible.

Lower Your Utility Bill

By repairing ducts, you ensure that air is distributed evenly and efficiently throughout your home, reducing energy consumption and subsequently lowering your utility bill.

Even Temperature Throughout Your Home

Duct repair is a key solution to achieving even temperature distribution throughout your home, eliminating troublesome hot spots and cold spots.

Improve your Health

A well-sealed duct system ensures the delivery of clean, filtered air, contributing to a healthier and more comfortable living environment.

Over 16 Years of Experience

At our company, we pride ourselves on our meticulous and thorough approach to duct repair, ensuring that every job is executed with the utmost precision and care.


Hear from our valued clients!

I didn't think duct sealing was worth it until Kevin showed me how much air was leaking in system, including crawlspace and attic air. The air in my house is nearly dust and mold free now and my towels don't mildew. My unit doesn't have to come on nearly as much, which saves me a bunch on utilities. My house is also the same temperature everywhere in the home, and my back bedroom has more heat and air coming in. The once very loud system is quiet. Kevin has duct sealing and cleaning down to perfection. Aeroseal used with his structural cleaning and repair is 100% worth it. Great work.

Jeff G

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Are there any health benefits that come with duct cleaning?

Ventilation, heating and air conditioning systems collect a wide range of contaminants such as fungi, bacteria, mold, and tiny particles of dust. All these have the potential to affect your health. Removing such pollutants from the unit and home should be considered one component in a general plan to improve the quality of your air.

How do I do home air duct repair?

The most effective way to clean your ventilation system and air ducts is to employ source removal cleaning methods. It requires an expert to place the system under negative pressure with a powerful vacuum. While it draws air through your system, devices are inserted into the ducts to dislodge the debris that might be stuck to the interior surfaces. We provide our clients with HVAC duct repair service and much more.

Why should I choose your company for professional duct cleaning and repair service?

You should turn to us because you want real experts to get the job done efficiently. We are knowledgeable professionals, and we use only high-quality tools, equipment, and products every time our clients need us. We are waiting for your phone call so that we can help you live in a healthier property.

What cities does Save Energy Solutions serve?

We service the following cities:

50 Mile Radius within Memphis, Tennessee










Don’t see your city? Give us a call and we’ll let you know if we can help! We can always do special projects out of our radius – 901-492-1649

Do you offer loans?

Yes! Home Improvement Loan Available up to 20 years from AMS Financial – Click Here

Do you offer home testing?

Yes! We offer the following tests for your home:

  • Negative Air Testing
  • Infrared Camera Analysis

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