Save Energy Solutions, LLC

Established 2007

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Save Energy Solutions, LLC Testimoials


They Can Fix It!

"If you have any problems with your heating and air conditioning Save Energy Solutions, LLC. is the company that can fix it."

- William A.

Much Cooler

"House is much cooler and air is cleaner. I haven't noticed a change in the electric bill yet, but just had more insulation added to my attic space, maybe the next bill."

- Richard O.


"My dad's room finally is getting heat after all these years. It was located at back of the house. My sinus is better and my nose does not bleed because Kevin came and sealed the ducts. What he gave us was a better quality of life in my home. "

-Jeff G.

Professional & Knowledgeable

"Our house was very dusty all the time and we were going to get the insulation in the attic removed. Kevin Yee, with Save Energy Solutions, LLC. was recommended to us by a neighbor who was having the same problem and he solved their dust problem. Kevin said, we would not need to remove the insulation after he finishes sealing our ducts and heating/air conditioning (AC) unit. After all the air leaks were sealed, the dust has been reduced drastically and the sir fells so much better."

- Ann and Bob G.

Extremly Professional

"Kevin and his team are extremely professional. They went above and beyond what any other service professionals have done in the past. I have COPD and was having trouble breathing in my own home. Now I can breath a lot better and contribute it Kevin resolving the heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) problems inside and under my home. Save Energy Solutions, LLC. took their time and went the extra mile. I would highly recommend him."

- Gail R.


""Thorough" is the one word that describes Kevin's work. I have done a number of home energy efficiency improvements on my home over the past 5 years to keep our utility costs down in our 3800 sq. ft home. I've wanted the Aeroseal technology for a long time to get our ducts sealed, but it wasn't available in West TN until now. A previous energy auditor told us our wall returns were incredibly leaky and the Aeroseal technology was the only way to fix it apart from demolition. They were right. After Kevin Aerosealed both upstairs and downstairs ducts and returns, it is quite comfortable now.."

- Jonathan G.

Professional & Knowledgeable

""Kevin Y** is a professional, knowledgeable, and accommodating to his customers. He goes beyond the scope of his duty to complete the task and please his customers even at his own hurt. I have recommended Kevin to my friends and they were equally pleased with his work to the point they bagged on his devotion and commitment to completing the job."

- Cleophus M.

Has Save Me Money!

"The HVAC unit used to struggle to maintain a cool temperature in the summer. Now, because of Kevin and Save Energy Solutions, LLC, it runs for a much shorter period of time and keeps the entire floor at the desired temperature - saving me tons of money with my utility bill."

- Cory C.